series 2000

The UVClean 2000 is with it´s volume flow rate from 600 - 2000m³ per hour the suitable solution for event locations, workshops, distribution centres and other big spaces.

UVClean | series 2000
UVC-dose with a volume air rate of 600m³/h | 2000m³/h 57mJ/cm² | 17mJ/cm² (3,7mJ/cm² necessary for 90% virus reduction)
UVC power 288 W (253,7nm)
volume air rate 600-2000m³/h adjustable in 5 steps
remote control wireless 868 MHz, group control
monitoring of UV tubes single with signalisation
UV tube failure signal visible and audible, receipt possible, T-models with app-signalisation
lifetime of UV tubes 9000h with 10% efficiency loss over this period
installation ceiling & wall suspension
power supply 230V
consumption of power 1300W
weight 63 kg
environmental noise at 600m³/h in 1m / 2m / 4m / 8m distance 47dBA / 41dBA / 35dBA / 29dBA
environmental noise at bei 2000m³/h in 1m / 2m / 4m / 8m distance 68dBA / 62dBA / 56dBA / 50dBA
dimensions (L x W x H) 1800mm x 520mm x 578mm
ambient temperature 5-40°C
surface of housing powder coatet black, grey, white (other RAL colors or foil wrapping/lettering possible)

Variety of colors

Choose one of our standard colors or order your individualization

On request you can order other RAL-colors for the powder coating or customize the air cleaner with foil-cut lettering or foil-wrapping.